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Gardening at Las Milpitas

CITY Center for Collaborative Learning emerges from the success of three innovative and exemplary schools in Tucson, Arizona. City High School (grades 9-12) and the original Paulo Freire Freedom School (grades 6-8) were founded over a decade ago by a group of visionary leaders and specialize in providing:

  • Environments where students are known as individuals, cared for, happy, and held to high academic expectations
  • Project-based learning that inspires students to think intensively and critically and delve deeply into content
  • Field experiences and internships creating opportunities to learn from local, regional and national experts and mentors.

These flagship schools, along with the newer Paulo Freire Freedom School-Downtown (opened July 2014), serve as powerful demonstration sites for the study and observation of innovative practices in teaching and learning.

The schools’ founders – Carrie Brennan, Brett Goble, JoAnn Groh, Eve Rifkin, and Santo Nicotera – were teachers and school leaders in public district schools during the first half of their careers and carry with them the commitment to improving public education for all students.

CITY Center for Collaborative Learning launched its next level of impact in 2015 with the introduction of professional development and community engagement programming for educators and education advocates in Southern Arizona.

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Mission and Vision

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The Power of Advisories

Project-based Learning