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Personalized Competency-based Learning

CCCL schools have been on a multi-year journey to redesign our education program to embrace personalized competency based learning. We have adopted equitable grading practices, identified core competencies in all content areas, are working to redefine our Habits of Heart and Mind into a new Portrait of a Graduate and adopt learner centered practices in our classrooms to support all of our students as they work to show mastery of key skills and dispositions.  

Competency-based Learning means students do not receive a traditional percentage or letter grade in a class; instead, they demonstrate competency, or mastery, on the various important and connected competencies in that learning environment.  Competency-based learning gives much more specific information on student progress and student success, it gives students much more control and agency over their learning process, and it inspires much more hope and optimism in students that they are making progress and they can be successful.  

Competency-based learning shifts the mode of learning from compliance to excellence.  It provides personalized feedback to students so they better understand where they are in their learning process, and it gives students more opportunity to personalize their learning journey so their learning feels more meaningful, more inspiring, and connected to the kind of skill building that will prepare them for future success. 

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